Do you need an event planner?

Here are some things to consider when deciding on whether or not to hire an event planner and assessing the level of assistance you may need for your next upcoming event:


  • Does the thought of negotiating vendor contracts and fees make you uneasy?

  • Do you need help creating an event vision and tying it all together into one cohesive idea?

  • Are you dreading family/friends/co-workers drama that some events are bound to cause?

  • Is your event tented, off-site, or complicated?

  • Do you have a tight budget?

  • Is your celebration on a quick deadline?

  • Do you have trouble organizing and staying on top of paperwork and budgets?

  • Are you already crunched for time because of work, school, or other obligations?


If the answers to these questions are mostly "Yes", you should consider a full-time event planner. 


If your answers were mostly an even mix of "Yes" and "No", look into a part-time planner for your next event.


If you answered mostly ""No", consider one of our Day-Of coordination packages to ensure your day is executed without a hitch!

What Brio Celebrations can do for you:

  • Our event planners can help you create a realistic event budget based on your needs;

  • We can develop a master event plan that details every component and deadline from beginning to end;

  • We will work with our network of vendors within your budget to implement your vision;

  • We have experience interpreting and negotiating vendor contracts, ensuring your best interests are represented;

  • Brio can create timelines that inform everyone invloved about the planning process;

  • We can assist with the invitation process, from creating to styling, as well as keeping track of RSVPs;

  • We will function as your advocate, communicating your wishes to vendors, friends/family/c0-workers; and

  • Our team can manage every aspect of the event day, including setup, supervision of vendors, delivery, addressing emergencies, and facilitating cleanup.